Prolon Professional

Prolong ReSet 1-Day Fasting Kit


Reset is the only product that can nourish your body for a full day while your cells think you are not eating and therefore stay in a protective and rejuvenating state. It is a great detox, reboot, and maintenance product that balances your diet and washes the previous days of eating or drinking! The goal of reset is to provide you with premium plant-based, clean, low-carb, gluten-free nutrition that prolongs the previous overnight fast for another 24 hours, which has tremendous metabolic and cellular benefits. Reset formed around the Fasting Mimicking Nutri technology developed and tested by 14 global universities and L-Nutra to nourish you with premium quality plant-based food while inducing the cellular, metabolic, and emotional benefits of Prolonged fasting. It is a scientific breakthrough that took 2 decades, $48MM in research. and awarded 40+ patents — including the only patent in history on a nutrition program to enhance longevity and healthspan.

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