Bluebird Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that also offers traditional prescriptions services.  We are conveniently located on US-1 in Ponte Vedra, nestled between the neighborhoods of Palencia, Beachwalk, and Nocatee.  Bluebird Pharmacy is locally owned by a pharmacist.  Our approach combines conventional and holistic medicine to provide a more integrative care for your health.  Our mission is to provide you convenience, cost-effective medications, and options to enhance your wellness based on your personal goals and budgets.  THERE IS NO SIZE FITS ALL at Bluebird Pharmacy.  

Store design

There is a reason why people prioritize a visit to the Louvre Museum in France, or pay millions of dollars for great works of art.  Spaces that are aesthetically appealing nourish the soul.  We wanted our pharmacy to be just such a space (although not quite costing millions of dollars!).  To that end we employed an Italian firm of architects to help design our build-out and provide specialty fixtures and shelving.  The result is a breath of fresh air compared to the typical pharmacy.  Have a look at this video tour to see if you agree.

Meet Our Pharmacist 

Dr. Anna Nguyen Moyer, Pharm.D.