Bluebird Pharmacy

Hand sanitizer

$4.99 $6.99

Why should you buy Bluebird Pharmacy hand sanitizer? 

  • Compounded by a licensed pharmacist in our compounding lab. You don't have to worry about the many hand sanitizers on the market that are on the warning list from the FDA for having dangerous ingredients or an ineffective concentration of alcohol.
  • Contains 75% isopropyl alcohol per FDA requirement, more than the amount of alcohol contained in a typical hand sanitizer on the market (60-62.5%)
  • All the ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, which is a higher purity than the fuel grade alcohol that is used in some products on the market. 
  • Made exactly following the FDA formula
  • "The compounder does not add other active or inactive ingredients, such as ingredients to improve the smell or taste due to the risk of accidental ingestion in children. Different or additional ingredients may impact the quality and potency of the product", from FDA guidance.  
  • Unscented.  No artificial additive or fragrance added.
  • You can also support your local business. 
  • Convenient 4-ounce pump-spray bottle.

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