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FemmenessencePRO Harmony 90 Capsules


Through a proprietary manufacturing process, FemmenessencePRO HARMONY concentrates key active constituents in maca up to ten times higher than what is found in regular raw maca, and increases the bioavailability increasing water solubility from 68% to 99%.

FemmenessencePRO HARMONY contains MacaHarmony®, which includes Maca-GO® – the only herbal ingredient to demonstrate statistically significant effects on multiple hormones in periand post-menopausal women in published human clinical trials – and a proprietary combination of other maca phenotypes for menstrual and reproductive health. Instead of introducing hormones into the body, FemmenessencePRO HARMONY nourishes the hypothalamic-pituitaryadrenal axis, supporting the body’s own hormone production.*

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