Restorative Formulations

Adrenal Px L-BP 75 Capsules


Promotes maintenance of healthy cortisol levels, thus optimizing adrenal effects. Maintains healthy blood pressure already in normal range.*

Adrenal Px L-BP capsules contain a highly concentrated form of glycyrrhiza (licorice), which supports the maintenance of healthy cortisol and aldosterone levels. This formula includes a potent blend of adaptogenic herbal extracts, such as organic holy basil and rhodiola, which support adrenal function and have a calming effect on the nervous system. Adrenal Px L-BP was specifically designed to reduce occasional fatigue, augment stress resistance, and help preserve healthy cortisol levels. In addition, this adaptogenic formula also helps to sustain healthy brain function (e.g., mental performance), and provides antioxidant defenses against harmful free radicals*

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