Pet Compounding Treats

Some pets don't like to take their meds. We can change the flavor or the dosage form to satisfy your finicky pet. Compounding medication into treats is our specialty. Pets love our yummy treats, and owners love not having to mess with measuring out doses of liquid meds or with coaxing a reluctant pet to swallow a pill. 

Medicated treats can be Grain Free and Allergen Free. 

Give Yourself and Your Pet a Treat!

Different Flavors Are Available

Feeding a medicated treat to a cat
  • Natural Salmon Treat
  • Natural Chicken Treat
  • Natural Beef Treat
  • Natural Tuna Treat
  • Natural Shrimp Treat
  • Natural Liver Treat
  • Vanilla Treat
  • And more upon request!

Bring your pet prescription to our pharmacy and our staff will help you find the best option for your four leg friend.