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NAC 600mg Capsule


NAC is a biologically active precursor for the amino acid cysteine which, in turn, is a precursor for glutathione, which has antioxidant properties. Glutathione reduces cell and tissue toxic free radicals which contribute to cellular damages. Glutathione per se is well absorbed in the intestine, and enters the blood and other extracellular compartments where it exerts much of its beneficial antioxidant effects. However, it cannot effectively enter the cell. In contrast to glutathione, NAC is efficiently transported into the cell where it is readily converted to cysteine for glutathione synthesis. Thus, supplementation with NAC can raise intracellular glutathione levels. NAC is virtually non-toxic and well absorbed, which is why supplementation with NAC is recognized as a safe, highly effective method of increasing intracellular glutathione stores.  NAC also promotes immune defense and support respiratory health, acting as a free radical scavenger to support epithelial cell health and healthy cilia activity in the respiratory tract. It has a high affinity for lung tissue, which it supports through mucus thinning and antioxidant action. 

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