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Allicillin™-60 Garlic Oil Softgels

Side Effects/Warnings

Allicillin™ softgels contain Garlicillin™, a blend of garlic oil and parsley oil with specified levels of garlic sulfides and ajoene, the most bioactive compound formed from garlic. These softgels are enteric coated to reduce the strong garlic odor and repeating that may occur from supplementing with garlic. The parsley oil further helps as a natural breath freshener.  Allicillin™ contains 200 mg of Garlicillin® with 20 mg of ajoene and garlic sulfides. Ajoene is a natural product of allicin degradation in oil and one of the primary bioactive allicin metabolites.  Allicillin™ may be beneficial for supporting the body’s defense against fungal, viral or bacterial conditions; blood lipid management; platelet aggregation; the inflammatory response; immune support; and cardiovascular health. Consider Allicillin™ supplementation during antibiotic usage to help prevent yeast overgrowth, a common side effect of antibiotic therapy.

Product is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, non-GMO

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